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Vegetables and Herbs

Retail charter

Thank you for considering signing the Good Food in Greenwich (GFiG) Food Retail Charter!

You’re probably already doing some amazing things, and 

this is an incredible step towards running a healthier, more sustainable business which brings loads of opportunities to shout about what you’re doing. 

Charter Criteria 

You only need to meet 5 of the 13 criteria which you can choose.  And if you don’t meet 5 criteria, we’ll support you through the process and give you simple clear steps on how to achieve this free charter.


To join for free, fill out and submit The Form Below 

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Greenwich One Card

Provide discounts to local residents by joining the Greenwich One Card businesses 

Healthy Food

Good quality fresh, seasonal, or culturally appropriate produce can keep customers coming back again and again knowing they can contribute to their 5- a day and healthy eating goals.  READ MORE

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Healthy Start Card

Accept Healthy start cards

To be part of the scheme, you are no longer required to register or request reimbursement as Healthy Start cards have now replaced paper vouchers that were previously issued.


Meat and Dairy Products

There’s no denying that the impact of meat and dairy on our planet and our health is huge as well as the fact that meat and dairy can be high in saturated fats which contribute towards heart disease and stroke.



Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, no child labour, fair terms of trade and a guarantee that the price paid for food will never fall lower than the market price.

Community Garden

Having connections with your community puts you in a great position to support them around food.  Read more to see some easy ways to involve the community


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Sugar Smart Greenwich is a pledge campaign for local businesses to join, to help raise awareness of the health impact of high levels of sugar in foods and drinks and take action to reduce sugar intake.

Image by Sigmund

Your food business is capable of generating a phenomenal amount of food and non-food waste. This can lead to landfill pile-ups, water pollution and contribute to the generation of greenhouse gases


breastfeeding friendly.png

Getting involved means you’ll be providing a comfortable place for women to feed their babies, but you will also be helping to educate the wider community about the benefits of breastfeeding and how it is every woman’s right to be able to breastfeed in public


Recycling Bins

Reducing waste to landfill has to be a priority, and there are lots of options out there that are worth exploring


Canned Vegetables

Best practice now, is to restrict special offers to non-high fat, sugar and salt items only and analyse location of high fat, sugar, salt products



The Living Wage Foundation campaigns for people to be paid a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work – a wage that means they can afford the things they need.



Have you signed up for SUGAR SMART? Sugar Smart Greenwich is a way to get involved and take action to reduce amount of sugar people are consuming. Simply make a pledge, see Sugar Smart criteria info above for more information about criteria for ideas on what type of pledge you can make
Do you Sell Fairtrade Products?
Are you a breastfeeding friendly space?
Do you use recycled or compostable packaging? Using less packaging, package free and/or compostable packing shows that your business is eco-friendly and are committed to a postive environmental impact
Do you seperate recycle and or compost your waste
Are you an accredited London Living Wage employer?
Do you partner with your community? (e.g. support community events, donate food left over, host community group meetings)
Have you registered your business with HEALTHY START? You do not need to register to be part of the NHS Healthy Start scheme. You can accept NHS Healthy Start card payments if your retail store accepts Mastercard® and sells eligible healthy food and milk items.
Do you sell locally sourced produce? Sourcing produce locally/sustainably Do you source food that comes from a local provider, down the road or from a neighbouring local farm
Do you use electric delivery options? Using active travel / e delivery options which are eco-friendly e.g. electric bikes show commitment to a positive environmental impact
Have you signed up to healthy convenience store programme?By ssigning up to healthy convenience store programme you will be supported to increase the distribution of healthier options lower in sugar, fat and salt across range of convenience items.
Are you committed to adopting the principle of advertising healthier produce? Have you taken steps to adopt the principles of advertising more healthy produce and reducing unhealthy visuals?

Thank you for Applying!

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