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About Good Food In Greenwich

Good Food in Greenwich is all about bringing together people and organisations to help make Greenwich a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable borough.

We want Greenwich to be known as a great place for good food by all who live, study, work or visit here. Celebrating our rich diversity through vibrant food markets, festivals, catering and businesses we will grow, produce, prepare and share good food that is healthy, sustainable, affordable and accessible to all.   

The partnership addresses a wide range of issues including promoting sustainable and healthy food, tackling food poverty, building community skills, creating a thriving food economy, ensuring better food is bought in public settings, and tackling food waste and the impact on the environment. 


It’s a huge task, but we’ve already seen such incredible change across the borough from our partners in how they buy, prepare and serve food including growing it! But we want to go even further. 

As a partnership we rely on all of us getting together to make these changes so Greenwich can be known as a great place for good food for all. 


Good Food to us means food from farming and supply systems that: 

  • Enhances the health and welfare of people and animals 

  • Improves the working and living environment 

  • Promotes fairness and enriches society and culture 

But we need your help! We need every person, business, organisation, and public sector body to get involved, and there’s loads of ways to do this.  Here’s how: 

Join the partnership to find out more and network with like-minded people. Come to our meetings and get inspired. The meetings happen every quarter 

Join the Steering Group if you’ve got even more ambition, join the steering group and help shape the work of Good Food in Greenwich! Quarterly meetings will work on an action plan to drive forward change. 


Join a subgroup we have lots of work going on in some specific areas such as food poverty, community groups and food growing. 


Sign one of our charters we have them for all different settings so you can find the right one for you.  Find out more about our charters here 


Make a pledge if you’re an individual, you can sign a pledge to change one thing to support Good Food – here are some ideas!


Become a Food Champion!

We’re looking for people in the borough who want to get more involved

– maybe starting something new around food.

Find out more here.

Buy well

We can all do our bit to support the food system, change can start with what we buy, here’s how 

So, hopefully you’re inspired to take action, but please get in touch if you’d like to know more about our work or how you can get involved.  

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