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Good Food in Greenwich Charters

Over the past few years we have worked hard with our network to develop a series of charters for organisations and businesses to sign up to, to show their commitment to changing practices to become fairer and more healthy and sustainable.   


The charters come with a pack and training opportunities to learn how to implement changes in ways that are achievable and cost neutral. 


The charters aren’t an exhaustive list of things we can do, but they list some of the things we think are achievable and that will have a big impact.  Sometimes it may not seem a lot, but these actions can have huge impacts on our behaviour and the behaviour of those around us.   


We want to see a whole population movement towards Good Food and believe as a community group, business, landlord or education setting, you can have a real impact. 


Hospitality Charter - loads of information and support to make changes that won't cost you anything


Community Group/Centre Charter - support for your group to write a policy to support Good Food

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