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Pay the London Living Wage

We’ve all heard of the ‘just about managing’ right? These are the people who are in work but still struggling to make ends meet – to pay the rent, to heat the house, to put food on the table.  Many of these people are visiting food banks or turning to high-interest loans to make ends meet.  This is because, although they are in work, their wages do not cover basic needs.   

The Living Wage Foundation campaigns for people to be paid a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work – a wage that means they can afford the things they need.  Currently (2022) the London Living Wage is £11.05 and is calculated on actual living costs


We feel it is important for businesses to pay their employees a decent wage, so they don’t have to resort to using food banks, or sitting in cold houses, or borrowing at extortionate rates.  It can also have real benefits to employers.  Surveys from the Living Wage Foundation show 96% of Living Wage employers reported a benefit since becoming accredited including improved reputation, increased motivation and retention amongst employees, improved relations between management and staff, and has helped them stand out in their industry.   

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