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Sugar Smart

Join the Sugar Smart Greenwich revolution

This revolution is for everyone, but you can sign up for the Sugar Smart movement by clicking here if you are a business or organisation.  Click here.


Everyone is overeating sugar, and it is bad for our health. It contributes to high rates of tooth decay, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.  About two-thirds of adults are either overweight or obese, but even more worryingly, over more than a quarter of children are also overweight or obese, meaning their long-term health is severely at risk. 


On average, kids eat three times the recommended amount of sugar, most of it from things like fizzy drinks, breakfast cereals, and confectionery.  Sugar Smart Greenwich is a pledge campaign for local businesses, schools and other organisations to join to help raise awareness of the health impact of high levels of sugar in foods and drinks and take action to reduce sugar intake.


If you’re an individual, you can get involved by demanding better from your local cafes and restaurants.  Or, if you enjoy a few sugary drinks yourself, maybe think about cutting them down to help reduce your sugar intake.  There are loads more ideas on the Sugar Smart Greenwich website, so check it out and get inspired! 

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