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What do you think the future of culture in London looks like?

London is home to thousands of creative businesses – one in five jobs in the capital are in creative industries.

For tourists, London is a world leading cultural destination where they spend around £7.3 billion on culture every year.

Londoners, however, are less likely than elsewhere in the country to have engaged with arts and culture in the last 12 months. Outer Londoners are the least engaged compared to any other English region. 

City Hall’s Culture team want to better understand what motivates Londoners to take part in cultural activities, and what prevents them from doing so.  They’d like to find out: 

  • What kind of cultural experiences are Londoners most and least likely to do? 

  • What are the barriers (e.g. financial, geographical, perceptual) that prevent people from having more cultural experiences?   

  • How important are arts and culture to people’s lives? 

These insights are incredibly valuable and can help inform future cultural policies and programmes to help make London a place of cultural experiences for all Londoners. 

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