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What are food cities and how do we plan for it?

Planning the layout of your city is enormously important, and food has a vital role to play in how we design the areas we live in.

Certain key areas can decide whether a city is a sustainable oasis or unhealthy concrete jungle. The importance can be highlighted in the following areas;

  1. Neighbourhood design - Well designed places ensure residents have access to facilities and services for their everyday needs.

  2. Community food growing - planning policies can support urban food growing.

  3. Healthy high streets - set policies which can support healthy food retail in your community

  4. Public Realm - think of things like free drinking water for all, edible landscapes and what you can advertise.

  5. Design of homes - don't take for granted kitchen and dining areas in your homes

We are always thinking how to engage with everyone, so please let us know which parts of this post interests you. Please comment and share!

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