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How a Grey pan can be Green!

Looking for a smaller frying pan than the one I already had, I visited Selby's on the Holloway Road as I was in the vicinity. After the financial crisis of 2007 - 2008, they very wisely chose to go upmarket rather than cheaper as you might expect.

There are plenty of shops about selling cheap goods but sometimes people want to buy better quality items that will last; cost isn't the only consideration when it comes to value for money and it is possible to go too far in reducing standards to keep the price down. I'm looking at you, Ikea. Compare 'preiswert' and 'billig' in German to get the idea. 


One of the well-trained staff saw me mooching around the extensive display of cookware and on hearing of my quest, told me of a special promotion they currently had on GreenPans. I took that to mean they were literally green coloured but as I soon found out, it referred to their green credentials, specifically in that they are PFAS free. PFAS are forever chemicals that are harmful to the environment and our health, taking many years to break down. Per their website, GreenPan developed its first pans with Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick coating in 2007, about the time the financial crisis was looming. 


I decided to buy the suggested frying pan, since it had a good feel to it, and having been assured by the man in the shop that it was a very good price and that I wouldn't find cheaper. As soon as I got indoors, I looked online to see if it was a genuine discount (I am that shallow) and indeed it was. Certainly not 'billig' but definitely 'preiswert', and much better for my health and the planet.

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