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Community Groups Take Action 

You’re already doing amazing things to support your community, but could you support Good Food in those communities too? We think there are some really quick and easy steps towards running a healthier, more sustainable organisation which supports local communities, the health and welfare of people and animals, the environment, society and culture, and the environment. 

We know the impact food can have on not only our planet, but our local communities and we think community groups and centres are in a great place to support local communities to make choices to support Good Food.  We know community groups and centres can’t be responsible for everything, but you play a pivotal role in your communities and can have a real influence on the people you work with.

We think the best thing you can do is to have a food policy.  We've designed a charter and support pack to help you come up with ideas that could form this policy, but have also created model policies you can use.  There's loads of ideas for quick easy wins, so take a look! You can download the charter support pack here and when you are ready you can take the Community Charter Self-Assessment here


Work with your staff and service users to develop the policy so everyone has ownership; this way, the whole organisation can sign up to it, staff can be trained and decisions that need to be made can be referred back to the policy.   


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