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Be a great employer 

There's loads of ways you can be a great employer and support your staff, and here's some things we think you could do.

  • Pay the London Living Wage – if you can this is one of the best things you can do to ensure people can afford an adequate quality of life and don't have to resort to food banks or loan sharks to cover the basics. 

  • Sign up to the London Healthy Workplace Award which aims to help businesses work towards better health and wellbeing for employees.  The Royal Borough of Greenwich offers advice to businesses in the borough to achieve the Award.  To find out more and to register your interest visit their website 

  • Promote healthier food to employees – see Sugar Smart above, and talk to Good Food in Greenwich to find out more 

  • Invest in staff to attend training in food-related activities such as cookery clubs, food poverty etc 

  • Attend Good Food in Greenwich Network meetings to share best practice 

  • Sign up to the Healthy Workplace Charter to ensure you’re supporting your staff’s physical and mental wellbeing and hopefully reduce sick leave! 

  • Get growing! Do you have any outdoor space you could commit to growing some herbs or salad leaves? It might be a great way for staff to spend breaks helping them de-stress! GCDA supports 5 growing sites in the borough and can help you set up your own. Contact for more information 

  • Raise awareness – you have great access to people and can use this influence to help raise awareness of issues such as climate change, Fairtrade, healthy eating, reducing plastic etc – all things you’re possibly doing already! Talk to Good Food in Greenwich to find out more about running a campaign -

  • Win an award! The Greenwich Business Awards happens every year so nominate yourself and shout about all the great work you’re doing! 

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