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Involving the Community 

You already have great connections with your communities so are in a great position to support them around food.  We think there are some really easy ways to involve the community in food; see below:

  • Host a community meal 

  • Host holiday meals 

  • Host ‘swap shops’ for people to exchange produce from markets, something they’ve grown or made 

  • Host pop-ups to local food business start-ups 

  • Run or host a cookery club 

  • Display posters to encourage behaviour change 

  • Encourage people to share top tips e.g. about reducing food waste 

  • Sign up to a food sharing platform e.g. Food Cloud, Plan Zheroes, Felix Project, Olio (links on the icons below) 

Contact Good Food in Greenwich to find out more and for support in running any of these and also see our resources page for toolkits. 

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