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What is Good Food In Greenwich?

 A network of communities, organisations and businesses.

We want Greenwich to be known as a great place for good food by all who live, study, work or visit here. By celebrating our rich diversity through vibrant food markets, festivals, businesses and community, we will grow, produce, prepare and share good food that is healthy, sustainable, affordable and accessible to all. 

Good Food to us means food from farming and supply systems that:

  • Enhances the health and welfare of people and animals

  • Improves the working and living environment

  • Promotes fairness and enriches society and culture

Get Involved

Our website is your gateway to creating change. Explore how you can contribute to transforming our local food system. Let's make a difference together. Join us today and be part of the solution.

Do you live in the Royal Borough of Greenwich?

Do you want to be part of the food revolution? 

Please tell us your thoughts on everything related to food, a sustainable diet and healthy eating in Greenwich.



If you're a local food organisation or business. 

Find out about the benefits of signing up for our Charters to be recognised for your quality and commitment to good food.

You can make a positive impact. 


Who has achieved the charter recently?

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We bring the pizzeria to you. While we have a fondness for traditional pizza, we also experiment with creative and seasonal toppings for a touch of individuality. All of this is executed with a strong commitment to sustainability and love for good times and great company.

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