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Sugar Smart for Businesses

Everyone is eating too much sugar, and it is bad for our health. It is leading to high rates of tooth decay, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.


As part of Sugar Smart Greenwich, a range of organisations across Greenwich are taking action to reduce the amount of sugar people are consuming.

You can get involved if you’re an organisation or an individual.  If you’re an organisation, all you need to do is identify three simple pledges that your organisation can take: around food, drink and advertising. Click here to become Sugar Smart. 


​Taking action doesn’t need to cost you anything and there are many ways to become Sugar Smart. Here's a few ideas:

  • Reduce the amount of fizzy and high sugar drinks you sell and offer other healthier options 

  • Actively promote free drinking water, e.g. become a Refill location 

  • Increase the price of fizzy and high sugar drinks 

  • Display information on the sugar content of drinks at point of sale

  • Remove all adverts for products high in sugar, salt and fat, wherever possible 

  • Run promotions/campaigns on healthier food and drink options 

  • Work with suppliers to get them to sign the declaration themselves

To support the Sugar Smart Campaign please click here to fill our your information 


For resources click here

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