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Be a ReFill London Location 

​​Did you know the average Londoner uses 175 single-use plastic bottles a year – and only half of them get recycled!  This contributes to more than 15 million bottles littered, landfilled or incinerated every year not to mention all the resources that went into making the bottle in the first place.  Plastic bottles comprise one-third of all plastic pollution in the sea and there are now over 159 plastic bottles for every mile of beach in the UK.  

Refill is a campaign to disrupt the social norm that we need to buy bottled water and to make it normal and easy for people to carry a reusable bottle and refill it for free when out and about. The objective is to stop millions of plastic bottles at source and prevent plastic pollution by making reusing a bottle simpler than buying a new one.  


If you’re an organisation, café, restaurant, community centre, or anywhere with a physical space you can become a Refill Station.  It's so easy to do and completely free.   

By signing up as a Refill Station to the Refill app, getting the Refill sticker in your window, encouraging people to carry a reusable water bottle, and by hosting local events to raise awareness we can grow the #RefillRevolution together. 

Sign up your business

Over 20,000 responsible businesses have already signed up as Refill Stations across the UK so far!  It’s free, fulfils an action on the Good Food in Greenwich Charter and could even drive new customers to your business as thirsty passers-by look for somewhere to fill their bottles. Just download the app and add your business.  

They’ve already got over 2000 Refill Stations in London, where thirsty passers-by can spot Refill London stickers in the window of Refill Stations, or you can find them on the free Refill app 

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