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A local garden story - White Bryony at Abbey Wood

In the yard behind Abbey Wood Community Centre is a white bryony vine which is scrambling over the winter jasmine. Both have put on a great spurt of growth since the last monthly visit (We meet on the first Wednesday of every month from 10.30 am - 12 noon) - see for more details - The 'Get Growing Project' latest update... (


According to the Gardeners World website, white bryony is a pernicious and poisonous weed, and can be difficult to get rid of because it is often introduced by birds into awkward places such as among tree roots or shrubs. That is the case at Abbey Wood, where the two plants are intertwined. 


However, we decided to leave it for now, since it is was very popular with honey bees, see picture. (Can you see the pollen basket on its back leg?) It may well have been from Joel's Apiaries based in Thamesmead and Plumstead/Welling borders. I bought a jar last time he visited Plumstead Community Market. It's not as cheap as a jar from Lidl or Aldi, but it tastes better and it is good to support local business when you can. He was also publicizing the threat posed by Asian hornets which have started to survive winters in the UK.


By next month, we may feel differently if the bryony has become completely overgrown, but it will probably be easier to get rid of than the Asian hornets! 


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