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A local Garden story - Community Garden spaces

Updated: Jul 3

Credit: Christchurch School Community Garden

Coming into work every day is a treat. It is not often that you get to say that you work with great supportive people, and you get to live your passion of community development as well.

This is exactly what we do at the Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency (GCDA).

Working with our lead Community gardener, has been a great learning curve and I am understanding how community garden spaces, the amount of passion, dedication and hard work individuals put into these gardens.


We spent a day with Fiona Machen at Christchurch School community garden, and were amazed at the beauty created in this local hidden gem. This garden space is a perfect example of the potential we can create when education meets passion. If you would like to visit, they are open to the public and volunteers every Friday 10.30am to 3pm.

Volunteers are always needed to get involved in looking after our green spaces, and my role as the Community Garden Engagement Coordinator is to support these gardens to flourish. 


Our borough has a wealth of community gardens and partnerships that require our support. Below are a list of partnerships with community gardens that GFiG visit on a regular basis (there are plenty more that we visit and promote on an ad-hoc basis as well);

  • AgeUK Eltham (Tuesday morning) 

  • Buds of Barnfield (Tuesday afternoon) 

  • Woolwich Common Estate (Wednesday morning) 

  • Spiral Garden (Thursday morning) 

  • Abbey Wood Community Center and Woolwich Dockland (once a month Visit) 

If you ever have some spare time, take your pick and come down for a visit and have a cup of tea. There is no pressure to come each week but a great way to meet new people and increase your social life, health and wellbeing. 



We are always looking for new volunteers to support us with these community garden projects, if you have a couple of hours to spare, please contact or to express your interest.

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