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A local garden story... And baby came too

GCDA's newest garden site at Abbey Wood Community Centre had a special visitor who came with her mum. Obviously she couldn't be expected to help, but she benefited from the fresh air!


Tasks included pruning shrubs, weeding and removing moss from the slabs. The leaves, weeds and moss were added to the compost bin on site. We also put in plants brought over from other gardens.


We have Rosemary, Garlic mustard (which is a wild edible) and Land Cress are low-maintenance plants. We are planning to use this in the GCDA cookery clubs that are run on site once they are established.


As well as food plants, some ornamentals have been put in to make the yard a more pleasant area for staff and visitors. Over time, more of both will be added to improve the utility of the space.


One of the volunteers was introduced to rosehips - the plant there is particularly laden with them - and took a handful home to try making rosehip syrup once the process had been explained.


At the end of the session everyone was invited to help themselves from the box of mixed seeds which had been donated by Asda that very morning.

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