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The food cycle starts with growing.

Where does our food come from? How can we learn more about it? How can we share this with our community? How can we do it at home?

At Good Food in Greenwich we want to help you answer all these questions and more. 

Yellow Flowers

Growing Greenwich

Each week local residents can attend a local center to try a range of gardening activities from seed sowing to planting, maintaining and managing herbs, shrubs, flowers soft fruit bushes, vegetables and fruit trees throughout the seasons, with the support and guidance of GCDA’s community gardeners and volunteers. When the weather is inclement, sessions are held indoors to discuss topics related to the site and gardening, plants and the natural world in general.

To take part in the Growing Good Food in Greenwich project please contact:

Kevin Godby  on 020 8269 4880 or

email Kevin on

Tomatillo Plant
Community Garden

Community Gardens 

Under the umbrella of Good Food in Greenwich there is a shared ambition for the borough to be known as a place for good food by all.

Food growing and community gardening very much supports that drive to put more residents in touch with food that is good for people, the community, and the environment

Visit or join an existing garden


Read about how you could start your own 

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