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Grow Some Food

Does this seem like an impossibility or too much like the “Good Life”?  Fear not!  Anyone who’s anyone is growing their own food these days. 

You don’t need a garden – you can chuck a few tomato plants in containers on a windowsill or grow herbs in pots on a balcony.  Growing your own is a great way to get some delicious food for next to nothing.  Herbs and salads are super easy to grow and will save you a fortune. Even better news – gardening has been shown to improve mood and make you fitter!  Check out the Royal Horticultural Society for tips on how to get started.


There are loads of growing projects in Greenwich and many are open to the public to have a play with. Check out our growing map below.

Also check out Hadlow College for a long list of fantastic courses from patio gardening, to lawn care, designing a herb garden or making your garden a haven for wildlife

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