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Fruit and Veg Stalls

Here at GFIG, one of our main areas of work is tackling food poverty; it’s just not acceptable that those living in poorer households will experience worse health outcomes and have the least access to affordable, healthy food.   

That’s why we’re so delighted with this project. We probably all know we should eat more fruit and veg, but sometimes it’s just not that easy!  Cost and access to fresh fruit and veg form real barriers, even when we want to eat more fresh foods.   


So, GCDA, in partnership with the council and children’s centres, facilitates 6 fruit and veg stalls in children’s centres to supply fruit and veg at wholesale prices so families can buy fresh food at prices cheaper than the supermarkets. 

Each week they’re seeing an incredible 500kg of fruit and vegetables sold to over 300 residents and families and children’s centres are finding it’s a great way to get to know their families better. 

And families can use their Healthy Start vouchers.


What a great way to help people get their 5 a day! 


If you’d like to know more detail about how the project is run, please email

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