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Thank you for applying for the Healthier Catering Commitment.


This form will take you through the registration and assessment criteria in sections.


You will need the following details to be able to complete this form and allow 30 minutes:

Business contact details, electronic copy or clear readable photos of your menu boards, a photo of your oil containers, any evidence you think will be helpful for meeting the criteria.


To qualify for the Healthier Catering Commitment you must:


- meet at least 8 criteria from this form


- four **ESSENTIAL** criteria that have to be met by all business (highlighted on the form) and at least four other criteria

- seven **ESSENTIAL** criteria have to be met by businesses that deep fat fry and at least one other criteria


If you require extra support or guidance, please contact us at:

You can fill in and submit the Healthier Catering Commitment Application Form directly from this screen.

However, we recommend that you download the PDF version first, so that you can familiarise yourself with the contents and the information needed.

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