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Skills Training

Another really important area of GFIG’s work is building community skills and resources; we think training is key to this and want to promote all food-based training to the public, private and third sectors so they can get involved and create meaningful change within their homes or organisations. 


GCDA runs a series of useful training courses that support individuals and businesses to embed health and sustainability within their practices.  This training includes: 

  • Launching a Food Business – a 10-week programme that will get you ready to trade! 

  • Social media, web design and financial management – all essential to make your business financially sustainable 

  • Knife Skills – a 3-week course teaching you how to chop, dice, slice and more! 

  • Culinary Skills for Changing Food Trends – for anyone wanting to move with the times and ensure their menus are popping with delicious plant-based, grain-rich, sugar-free options! 


They also run Community Food Project training courses that are suitable for anyone wanting to set up a food project in their community.  These courses will help answer fundamental questions about your project, such as what is a community food project, which one is suitable for my setting, and what do I need to achieve it?  Alongside giving practical tools and learning to help you turn it into a reality.  

Visit their website for more information or email to find out more

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