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Call for Evidence

Good Food in Greenwich partnership is all about bringing together people and organisations to help make Greenwich a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable borough. The partnership addresses a wide range of issues including promoting sustainable and healthy food, tackling food poverty, building community skills, creating a thriving food economy, ensuring better food is available in public settings, and tackling food waste and the impact on the environment. 


It’s a huge task, but we’ve already seen such incredible change across the borough from our partners in how they buy, prepare and serve food and even grow it! But we want to go even further.  In 2016 Greenwich became a Bronze Sustainable Food Place.


It is now time to go for Silver and we need your help!


We want Greenwich to continue to be known as a great place for great food by all who live, study, work or visit here. Celebrating our rich diversity through vibrant food markets, festivals, catering and businesses we will grow, produce, prepare and share delicious food that is healthy, sustainable, affordable and accessible to all.   


Consultation – A whole borough approach

As a partnership, we rely on all of us getting together to drive change. As we currently undertake a refresh of our Food Strategy Action Plan and work on putting together our bid for Silver Sustainable Food Place, we will be calling on every person, business, organisation, and public sector body to get involved.


Together, we can bring about the changes that are needed to make Greenwich even more sustainable with healthy and affordable food available to everyone in the borough. Our current Bronze Award would not have been possible without the valuable and ongoing contributions of all the organisations and people that have supported Good Food in Greenwich and this continued support will help us achieve the Silver Award.


We are currently conducting a borough-wide review of Greenwich’s approach to food. This will help inform our Food Strategy Action Plan and ultimately help put together a strong case for our bid for Silver. This will also help the partnership identify priorities and actions that can be taken to help build on the phenomenal work that has been done so far and thus ensure that Greenwich has an even more sustainable and secure food future. 

We want to hear from anyone who is interested in helping transform our food system for the better and in doing so, help Greenwich achieve Silver Sustainable Food Place status. This call for evidence will help us understand what sustainable food means to those living and working in the borough and in turn helps us devise a better plan to tackle environmental, health and societal issues still affecting Greenwich. We are looking to compile new ideas on topics such as sustainable food visibility and accessibility, food poverty, food security and waste prevention.


We want to hear different perspectives and find common ground between everyone who is involved in making the borough a place that delivers delicious, healthy, affordable and sustainable food to everyone.


These maybe simple practical things that have made a difference in your community or your business, or projects that are already working well and could potentially be scaled up or used differently. They might be new ideas that haven’t been tried yet at scale, but which you think have the potential to help Greenwich become even more sustainable. We can’t wait to hear them and understand the thinking behind your proposals.




The easiest way to submit your ideas  via the online form but you can also send responses via email to goodfig@gcda.org.uk