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Have you booked your spot at the London Food Communities Summit 2024?

The London Food and Communities Summit is an opportunity for providers, youth organisations, funders, local authorities and young people to get together to share learning and knowledge.

Most importantly, it will be a space for us to all discuss how we can work together to ensure that every young Londoner has access to nutritious food, safe spaces and opportunities to thrive.

Young people more than ever need a collective approach to support them and create a London that helps them. The summit will empower this, we want to convene partnerships and create spaces to enable even more work to support young people with current societal issues.

The event will be participatory, with ideas and insights encouraged. Bringing together the ideas, learning, and opportunities from partnerships and initiatives. A range of contributors will join us to share their experiences - delivery organisations, policymakers, funders, researchers, and young people.

Together, we'll agree on ways of working together in the future, identifying what else needs to happen to support young Londoners.

Please sign up to join us in the conversation at City Hall and encourage others in your networks to be part of it too.

Click on the link, Register Here , to book your seat at the table.

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