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Free seedlings at Myatt's Fields Park

If you are a local food growing group, you can collect free baby plants from Myatt's Fields Park throughout the year for your plot.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city in one of London's most peaceful parks.

Surround yourself with nature – including mature London Plane trees, spring time bulbs, and our resident heron and night-time bats.

The wildlife area has a pond, fruit trees, woodland walk and wildflower meadow. In summer when the grass grows long, you're immersed in a sea of green.

Frogs, foxes, butterflies and bats have all been spotted around these parts and if you look through the window in the far fence you’ll see the Bee Urban beehives. 

Visit the community greenhouse, where gardeners and volunteers grow vegetables, fruit and plants for the park.

More information on how to get involved access the link Myatt's Fields Park and get in touch.

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