• Ollie Golding

Community Charter Mark Awards

We're celebrating the first two community organisations to achieve the new Good Food in Greenwich Community Charter Mark!

Please join us in congratulating:

Woolwich Common Community Centre

Shrewsbury House Community Centre

They will be the first organisations in the borough to display the Community Charter Mark on their premises and on all their media.

From being breast feeding friendly, being a London water refill location, through to community meals and London Living Wage. Every little action makes a difference.

To achieve thier awards, they had to show a minimum of 5 commitment that will support their communities and improve the wider food systems within the borough.

· Signing up to the Healthier Catering Commitment (where appropriate – if you have a community café or food offer)


· Increasing fruit and vegetables on your menus and using seasonal produce more (where appropriate – if you have a community café or food offer)

· Reducing meat and dairy in your menus (where appropriate)

· Using Fairtrade products

· Being a London Water Refill location

· Being Breastfeeding Friendly

· Using recycled/recyclable or compostable packaging

· Reducing, reusing and recycling waste

· Being a London Living Wage employer

· Supporting the community through food

· Responding to the food insecurity needs of your community

· Encouraging other providers that use your space to adopt the GFiG catering guidelines

· Having a food growing space

We are really excited to have them onbard as part of the Good Food in Greenwich Network, and know that they will lead by example!

We will soon be inviting more community groups and organisations to apply for the Community Charter Mark, but if you would like to know more, then please contact either Ollie or Fay.



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