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Holiday Meals

For families in the UK, school holidays can be a very difficult time. 


Children in low income families are at increased risk during school holidays when they do not receive their free school meals and hunger may be more continually present.

Research has shown how this food insecurity, or poor quality food, can have highly detrimental effects on children’s academic, social and physical development, and are evident in the following ways;

  • Poor growth and development

  • Increased childhood illness

  • Overweight and obesity

  • A more pronounced summer holiday learning gap

  • Poor concentration and behaviour in class, when returning to school, leading to poor educational attainment.

The Holiday meals scheme, funded by Royal Borough of Greenwich, started in 2016 from a small grant and trialed at one childcare venue. It has now grown to become a borough wide initiative which provides up to 16000 individually prepacked kids meals per year across 10 different sites.

GCDA centrally produce the food and deliver it to the venues where volunteers and staff heat and serve it.  Children and young people also receive some fruit or other healthy snacks.  

We deliver food to the following participating venues; Woolwich Library, Thamesmere Leisure Centre, Eltham Centre, Plumstead Centre, Greenwich Centre, Plumstead Adventure Play, Woolwich Adventure Play, Glyndon Adventure Play, Meridian Adventure Play, Coldharbour Adventure Play.

The holiday meal term dates for 2024 are as follows:

  • Term 3 (half term)            : 12th Feb  to 16th Feb

  • Term 4 (Easter Holidays)   :  2nd Apr  to 12th Apr

  • Term 5 (half term)            : 28th May to 31st May

  • Term 6 (Summer holidays) : 29th Jul  to 30th Aug

A schedule of the venue and timings will be sent out closer to the above dates.

If you are interested in finding out more, please do get in touch with

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