Join the Tooth Fairy Welcome Party 9th December and call on Coke to end irresponsible marketing practices over the holiday period

  Posted on 29th November 2017

Sustain and SUGAR SMART campaign supporters are organising a big outreach event on Saturday 9th December from 2pm to 4pm to coincide with the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour visit to the O2 Arena in Greenwich. Please get in touch directly to join their Tooth Fairy Party and help spread the message of Happy Healthy Holidays to all.

By now you have likely heard that “Holidays are coming” and the Coke Truck Tour is on its way to London to hand out thousands of free sugary beverages to the public, including children and young people. A single mini-can of Coke may seem like a treat, but contains 83.7% of a small child’s daily intake of sugar, and over half of an adult’s. With 1 in 3 children leaving primary school overweight or obese, this is a public health concern.

What’s more, this year’s Coca-Cola Tour of Dental Destruction coincides with the O2’s Jingle Bell Ball, one of the biggest teen-friendly events in London. Some of the biggest pop stars will be performing. What better way for Coke to capitalise on a captive audience of young people, who happen to consume on average 3 times the recommended sugar intake already. Join the Tooth Fairy Party and send a different kind of message to the public and to Coke.

Tooth Fairy Welcome Party

O2 Arena, Greenwich, London (exact meeting point to be confirmed)

Saturday 9th December, 2pm to 4pm

They will be handing out healthy eating information and promoting the SUGAR SMART campaign, as well as delivering an open letter to the management of the O2 Arena asking them to adopt responsible practices on their premises and ask companies like Coca-Cola to end the promotion of free sugary drinks.  There will be SUGAR SMART t-shirts, fairy wings and some fruit & vegetable costumes for the lucky few who request them. If you have any of these in your coffers, please do dust them off and bring them on the day.

Please email with your full name and phone number to take part.

You can also rsvp to the Facebook event page here:, but please do email us so we can send you joining instructions.


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