Charlton Athletic go Sugar Smart!

  Posted on 14th November 2017

Since the Sugar Smart launch in January this year, the campaign has gone from strength to strength.  With nearly 30 organisations and schools signed up, Greenwich is leading the way in sugar reduction. 

One amazing partnership that is tackling this issue head on includes Charlton Athletic Community Trust, Charlton Athletic Football Club and its caterers DNC.  They have teamed up to take action in combatting the rise of childhood obesity throughout the borough by pledging support for the Sugar Smart Cities initiative.

Sugar Smart is a campaign started by TV chef Jamie Oliver to increase awareness of the dangers of eating too much sugar and reduce its consumption in the UK.

More than 40 per cent of children in Greenwich 10-11 years old are overweight or obese; which is worse than both the England and London averages.

But this is not just a local problem. Children and adults around the UK are consuming two to three times the recommends amount of sugar, which is leading to high rates of tooth decay, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

The Sugar Smart Greenwich scheme seeks to change this and create environments that allow people to make healthier, lower sugar choices and help halt the devastating effects caused by sugary food and drinks.   CACT, CAFC and DNC have made some important pledges that will make a real difference.  These pledges include:

  • Remove sugar from its hot drinks stands, leaving sweeteners for those who wish to add it to their tea or coffee
  • Display information on sugar content of drinks in The Valley concourse and actively promote drinking water to
  • Promote the Sugar Smart messages widely among fans and working with suppliers to encourage them to do the same
  • Develop and promote healthier meal options for the start of the 2017/18 season
  • Add a 10p levy to all sugary drinks

But that’s not all. DNC has agreed to donate the proceeds from the levy to a holiday meal programme that will help feed children during the summer holidays.  Deb Browne, Head of Health Improvement at CACT said: “We’re thrilled that Charlton Athletic Football Club and DNC share our vision to make Greenwich a healthier borough. I’m really excited to get to work to help families in the borough make informed choices about their diet and hopefully improve their quality of life for years to come.

CAFC Club Development Manager Lisa Squires said: “Being Sugar Smart is very important for the club. We’re pleased to be joining forces with the Community Trust and DNC to give us the opportunity to reach thousands of families in Greenwich to help educate local people on the long-term dangers of sugar. Hopefully together we can help people to make healthier choices.”

Councillor David Gardner, who launched the scheme said: “It’s fantastic to see so many organisations around the borough are taking action to reduce sugar.”

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