Want to set up a food growing project??

  Posted on 1st November 2017

Good Food in Greenwich and GCDA are delighted to offer a unique and exciting opportunity; advice and guidance on setting up a food growing project!

Mental health problems and over-weight and obesity are on the increase, and we know that doing exercise can really help; but many people find it hard to get to the gym, or go for a jog. But did you know that doing some gentle gardening can do wonders for both your mental and physical well being?

Being outside in the beautiful outdoors (come rain or shine!) can contribute to feeling more positive, and also contribute towards your physical activity recommendations.

For the large number of people in our society – children and adults – who live with challenging physical or mental health problems, gardening and community food growing can be especially beneficial. Such activities can relieve the symptoms of serious illnesses, prevent the development of some conditions, and introduce people to a way of life that can help them to improve their well-being in the longer term.

But people in a mass urbanised society like Britain don’t have easy access to land. Green space and food growing spaces need to be created and protected in the environments where we live, to make it easy for people to participate in gardening, allotments, community food growing and horticultural therapy. So, if you have, or know of a space that could be turned into a community food growing space, then get in touch to find out what support we can offer to help you do this.

What can we offer?

  • * Visit to see the space you have
  • * Discuss what resources you’ll need and how you might get them
  • * Help you plan your planting
  • * Help you find volunteers to work with you

Contact kevin@gcda.org.uk for more information.

Keep on digging!

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